The project «YOUNITED-YOuth UNited In The European Development»

The project «YOUNITED-YOuth UNited In The European Development» was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”

Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 “Town-Twinning”

Participation: The project involved 295 citizens, notably 110 participants from the city of Gudja (Malta), 29 participants from the city of Celleno (Italy), 24 participants from the city of Pomiechówek (Poland), 27 participants from the city of Agia (Greece), 28 participants from the city of Bükkábrány (Hungary), 25 participants from the city of Amata-Cēsis (Latvia), 28 participants from the city of Giove (Italy) and 24 participants from the city of Paredes (Portugal).
Location/ Dates: The event took place in Gudja (Malta), from 02/05/2022 to 09/05/2022

Short description:
The day of 02/05/2022 was dedicated to the arrivals of the delegates to Luqa Airport and their transfer to Gudja. First of all, the participants got to know each other and were introduced to the local authorities and community.
The programme of the meeting was presented together with the activities and goals to be reached during and at the end of the International Meeting.Official kick-off dinner.

The day of 03/05/2022 was dedicated to the registration of the participants. The project was officially presented to the
participants and the local community, together with the rules and covid measures in Malta. To start the project workshop, each delegation presented its country to the others. Then, the project task “Youth Entrepreneurship – Potential and challenges” was discussed.

A presentation by a speaker from Malta Enterprise was done to conlude the first part of the workshop.
In the afternoon, the participants visited the historical town of Il-Birgu (Inquisitor’s Palace, Vittoriosa Waterfront, etc.).
The day of 04/05/2022 was dedicated to the visit of the capital citty La Valletta. Delegates took part into a typical Maltese trip by a ferry boat to reach the capital from Birgu.
In the afternoon, a workshop and brainstorming session on “How to promote civic participation to narrow the distance from EU created by the economic crisis”. Afterwards, delegates discussed how the recent crises that have plagued Europe (especially the pandemic situation and war) have affected in a different way the participating Countries.

The day of 05/05/2022 was dedicated to was dedicated to the registration of the participants. Speech by Hon. Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Reserch and innovation Mr. Keith Azzopardi Tanti.
Workshop: discussion on “Poverty and Unemployment among youth” by Ms. Ylenia Vella, Manager from Jobsplus.
Discussion on “Best practices: Eradication of Youth Unemployment and Poverty”.
The day of 06/05/2022 was dedicated to the presentation of the new European opportunities and programmes fro 2020-2027
(CERV Programme, Erasmus+ for schools and sport, etc.),

The day of 07/05/2022 was dedicated to dedicated to a cultural and folklore programme. In the morning, the delegates
visited the centre of Gudaja. In the afternoon, the fishermen village of Marsaxlokk was visited. To conclude the sicth day of the International Meeting, the delegates had the chance to taste local and tipical products of Malta at the “San Niklaw Estate”.

The day of 08/05/2022 was dedicated to the visit of Mdina – The silent City. An informal Friendship and Cooperation
Agreement was signed by the delegations to assure the future friedship aming the YOUNITED participating countries and to facilitate the future collaborations and projects. The speach by the Mayor of Gudja and the gift exchange among the participants officially concluded the International Meeting.

The day of 09/05/2022 was dedicated to evaluate the International Meeting and to discuss new cooperations and
exchanges. Departure of the delegations.